Music Is Inspiration

A station dedicated to bringing you an appetite of flavor and diversity in South Africa.

CHANGE has arrived

Imagine a radio station that runs on no time lines. No unnecessary ego & speech. No boring content and duplication.

Imagine a station where all we do is focus on the real moments that exist, as opposed to what happened years ago and what is going to happen as a result of it.

our sound

We have an explosion of music genres from the North, South, East and West. From ancient to modern fused with thought provoking content.

Our programming is creatively balanced to ensure maximum appeal and cross-cultured learning amongst the community.

Listen Anytime

We are key players in the digital online media space and the broadcasting arena

Upcoming Shows

Capitol Drive
20th July-24th July ,2020
Dave Guselli
Ubuntu Radio
29th July, 2020
Dr G
Saturday Night Fever
25th July ,2020
sadha govender & dr D
The Unwind Session
26th July,2020
kessivian thaver

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